Booking Process


You can email us or submit an inquiry via our “Book now” form, so we can find out information and we’d like to know all details about your event! This can even include the dynamics of your guests, just to give us an idea of what kind of crowd we’ll be serving. We can also take the time to schedule a call with us to discuss the details of what you’d like for your ideal beverage experience with us.

With the information you provide in your inquiry and if we happen to do a phone consultation, we’ll create a package and pricing information for you to review. 

Once you look over all details and are excited to have Mint and Mae help celebrate, you’ll sign the agreement and we’ll ask to pay a 50% deposit. After you’ve done these two steps/requirements, your date is officially reserved and you’ll have booked us for your event. 

About 3-4 months before your event (could be less if you book closer to your date) we’ll keep in touch to finalize details that would need to be confirmed. If you are booking a year in advance, we understand there can be a lot of uncertainties but that’s okay, we’re here to help!

We will show up an hour hour before beverage service is set to begin, we’ll receive the alcohol that was said to be purchased, and then we’ll  get all set up. Come event start time, we will serve you and your guests the beverage experience as planned, simple right!

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